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It IS easy being green!


If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you'll know that I made last week a GREEN one! Green veg, and especially leafy greens are known as "powerhouse" veg, and they are bursting with anti oxidants & anti inflammatory compounds. Munching on these green delights can help protect your body from heart disease, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, certain types of cancer, regulate blood sugar levels and keep wrinkles at bay. So why is it then that we mostly see sad and uninspiring little boiled or steamed green veg as a side dish when we treat ourselves to a meal out? I'm on a mission to revamp the image of green veg to turn them into not only something we should or have to eat, but we WANT to eat. Here is some inspiration for healthy, low fat, quick, affordable and easy to make dishes - no mean feat, and it goes without saying that they're pretty tasty too!

Green peas are great for energy, protein and high on fibres which is good for keeping you feeling full longer, and fibres also help to lower cholesterol and the first green inspiration last week was a little snack made from this green little gem - Pea, lemon & mint pesto.