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The Reformer

The reformer creates a unique and varied exercise environment using dynamic resistance that can either help or challenge you to build strength, increase flexibility, improve stability, coordination, stamina and balance at the same time.


There are endless variations of exercises and positions e.g. lying down, sitting, standing, high kneeling, perched on the footbar or using additional equipment either for an additional challenge or comfort. This allows you to target very specific areas at the same time as your sessions will always be varied, fresh and either suitably challenging or a nice restorative break from your usual practice.


Because the reformer is so versatile, it's a wonderful piece of equipment for anyone, regardless of age, level of fitness or previous Pilates experience - it's everything you need and more to take your Pilates to the next level!

The Wunda Chair

Small but perfectly formed - the Wunda Chair is a wonderful option and progression from the Reformer. Many of the traditional Reformer exercises are done on "the Chair", e.g. footwork but sitting perched on the edge of "the Chair" - it's a completely different experience!


It also uses a dynamic resistance system and the high handle bars gives you sturdy support when working in standing. "The Chair" is great for functional seated or standing work, but you can also do movements either on lying your back, front or be high kneeling on the seat, and since the seat is relatively small, it challenges your stability and control. In addition the pedal can be split in two separate parts to work legs or arms unilaterally, to add an extra element of coordination. Movements on "the Chair" are functional, creative and surprisingly challenging!

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