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Group Classes

We run group classes at different levels, adapting to our clients' specific needs in several locations  – you can currently find us in Bishop’s Waltham and Chandler’s Ford.  To make sure that everyone gets the individual attention they need for as positive and safe a work out as possible we keep the classes small, with no more than 12 clients. Dependent on the venue or nature of the class (e.g. Pink Ribbon Program or antenatal), the classes may be even smaller


The classes run throughout the year, except for Bank Holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year, and you can join at any point. If you’re unable to attend a class, we operate a pro rata holiday system entitling you to take up to 12 classes off/year depending on when you started, without forfeiting the cost of a class. Just give us 7 days notice and you won't be charged for that session. As long as you give us 24 hr notice, you can also swap and attend a different class than your usual one, to make sure you don't miss out.


All sessions follow the principles of Pilates and how these apply not just to exercise but to every day life as well, since movement should be functional and efficient and we aim for your Pilates practice to improve your quality of life. We provide the mats and any other small equipment we might use in the classes e.g. bands or weights.

Interested? Why not join today.


If you would like more information, please contact Head To Toe Pilates by calling, texting or emailing your enquiry.


You can also download the enrolment form here - complete it and submit via e-mail to headtotoepilates@gmail.com


Class levels

You can enrol in a group class at any point during the year. The group classes are available at Fundamental, Improver, Intermediate and Mixed Ability level:


Fundamental classes are suitable if you have never done Pilates before, if you are returning to Pilates after a break and want to re-familiarise yourself with the exercises before re-entering an Improver or Intermediate class, or if you want to continue enhancing your skills and technique. The classes cover the fundamental principles through a variety of exercises, which will gradually progress.

Improver classes are suitable both if you're still fairly new to Pilates but you're considering a step change, or if you're returning to Pilates after a break and you wish to refine or revisit your technique before joining an Intermediate or Advanced class. Classes work at a dynamic pace, with more elements to sequence and coordinate to challenge your control and focus.

Intermediate classes are suitable after you have learned the fundamental principles and have a deep understanding on how to integrate and execute these with ease in your body through an Improver class. The classes contain both original exercises and variations of the classic Pilates repertoire, meaning that the exercise patterns are more dynamic, working with a higher load, which requires higher degrees of stamina, strength and coordination to maintain precision, control and flow of the exercises.

Mixed ability classes are suitable both if you're new to Pilates or if you have more experience since every class will teach and remind you of the fundamentals, and then layer on modifications to gradually challenge you at an appropriate level.

All classes occasionally use small equipment like bands, balls or weights to keep your learning varied and suitably challenging.

Every client is not only unique in their body, but also has different background, goals and needs. All new clients need to complete an enrolment form for us to have an understanding of your medical background - and if there are no significant contraindications you can join a class straight away without needing an induction. 


However, if you suffer from certain medical conditions that effect your ability to move, or you are an ante-/post-natal client, there are modifications we need to consider for a positive and safe experience for you, and we will recommend that you do an induction.


It's a private session looking in detail at your individual needs, introducing you to the Pilates fundamentals and modified exercises particularly relevant for you. That way you can benefit as much as possible from class, regardless of circumstances. The induction classes last 1.25 hrs and are £45/person, and usually take place at your home at a suitable time. In some cases it may be necessary to attend more than one induction session before joining a class.


If you are embarking upon a new form of exercise if may be appropriate to contact your GP/Specialist for approval depending upon the nature of your health issue.

Group classes - prices


First class is FREE. After that we request payment for a block of 6 sessions in advance which is then renewed at the end of that block. The cost of a block depends on the location:


Chandler’s Ford            £66 for 6 classes

Bishop’s Waltham       £78 for 6 classes

Winchester                    £78 for 6 classes

Drop In


You don't need to buy a block to attend a class - we welcome Drop In's, subject to spaces available, at a slightly higher Pay As You Go rate, that depends on the location:

Chandler’s Ford               £13 / class

Bishop’s Waltham          £15 / class

Winchester                      £15 / class

Please note that all Drop Ins must be booked in advance since spaces are limited so we can give everyone individual attention. 


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