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If you're looking for a dynamic and energising workout to make you feel stretched and supple, then Barre might bis the choice for you!! It's a fun and effective exercise method suitable for all ages and abilities, combining principles of Pilates with ballet positions, but no previous dance experience is needed for you to be able to enjoy and make the most of a classs.  


Classes start with a warm up section to get the heart rate up and to warm up the entire body before moving over to the ballet barre where the main section of the class takes place to tone your legs, glutes, abdominals and arms.

The ballet barre give you the support you need to hold your body perfectly still, while you're targetting specific muscle groups through small, precise and controlled movements repeated several times. Occasionally small equipment like weights or bands are included in the class for an additional challenge.


The combination of strength and cardio training together with the focus on alignment can help to improve posture, increase flexibility and lead to long, lean muscles.


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